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Composite Lower

Fire Control Group

hammer back

 10 inch Key Mod or M-lock
 free float hand guard

13 inch key mod or m-lock

hand guard


 Plum Crazy Gen II lower on an M4 stock


Composite Lower:  Strong polymer composite. Now used in place of a machined aluminum lower. Pluses: Inside fire control group is composite as well and never needs oiling so it will run cleaner as oil collects dirt and un-burned powder. Light weight. No worry about corrosion. Cost is less than half of what an aluminum lower cost. Steel parts only where there must be such as springs, etc. Made In USA! Retail price $169.99. Our price $129 + S&H, sales tax where applicable. Lifetime warranty*.

Fire control g
roup:  the trigger, hammer, dis-connector, selector, all never need oiling as these parts are composite.  Note, these lowers are Mil-spec so metal fire control parts will interchange. (Mil Spec = military specifications.)

Fire control group, hammer back

0 inch Key Mod or M-lock free float hand guard,  stainless steel barrel, nickel boron or melonite bolt carrier, titanium firing pin on our Plum Crazy Gen II lower.  Guaranteed 1/2 MOA. ( minute of angle) . . . gun will shoot a 1/2 inch group with good ammo at 100 yards. Total price is $718 plus S&H. Sales tax where applicable. ($589 plus $129 for the lower).  Retail price on the upper alone is $789, $169 on lower.  Compare to a performance internet AR at $1,200.00!

13 inch key mod or m-lock hand guard.

Equipped with nickel boron or melonite bolt carrier with a titanium firing pin and either a stainless steel or a melonite barrel. 1/2 MOA guaranteed accuracy. $129 Plum Crazy II lower. Total price is $718. plus S&H, sales tax where applicable. (does not come with the Magpul stock, Bushnell scope, sling, Magpul pistol grip nor vertical rail grip). Composite magazine is $12 extra.

Plum Crazy Gen II lower on an M4 stock. $489 for upper, $129 for lower. Total price is $618. plus S&H. Sales tax where applicable. This is the best price for an M4 anywhere! (Composite mag is $12 extra). This does not come with the Bushnell Holo sight or the Magpul Hand guards or sling.  It is equipped  with regular M4 hand guards.

                   Sights and Mags
Sights are sturdy polymer, accurate and made in the USA. $19.50 per pair plus shipping and handling, sales tax where applicable.
Mags are made in the USA, MFT brand polymers.  $12.00 each plus S&H, taxes where applicable. We offer these products for your convenience of ordering all parts from one place, save shipping and handling.  No shipping & handling is charged on mags and sights when upper and lower are ordered together.



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About the product

"A new product has come along that takes the AR15 platform of rifles and uses very strong, lifetime warranted lowers made out of injection molding using a polymer composite.


The price for a top of the line will be close to half the cost of a comparable AR that is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA at 100 meters. I am excited about these new composite ARs.  After shooting all my life, these have my stamp of approval!  I am happy to help!"  Al Lakosky.

"PLUM CRAZY" is the name of our lowers!!

ABOUT E3ARMS the manufacturer
The members of E3 Arms, LLC have been in the business of producing high quality polymer AR15 style firearms for over 5 years and a combined 85 years of shooting experience! Our products are made with the latest in design and materials. We believe that the Plum Crazy Gen II lower receiver is what people are looking for in their weapon without the expense of buying an ultra- expensive billet gun. With the enlarged trigger guard and beefy design, this weapon will live up to its name in use and function.